Our Services

Our services are broad and wide-ranging to meet and exceed all our clients’ expectations. We can be on site full-time, for scheduled maintenance or for emergencies. We are mobile, and we have the tools, materials and service vehicles to meet all our clients’ needs.


Club Industrial Trailers employs dedicated and experienced workers and installation personnel with the most in-depth knowledge based on years of practical experience.

Club Industrial Trailers works closely with its clients to ensure every project meets schedule and budget expectations. Our experienced staff will make sure your facility is running at peak condition at all times.


From a single-unit to multi-unit complex, we offer comprehensive maintenance packages. We provide maintenance on a full-time site dedicated arrangement or through regularly scheduled visits. Our services are also available on an emergency, on-call basis. At Club Industrial Trailers, we’re proactive in the maintenance, service and inspection we provide, resulting in reduced cost and increased facility efficiencies. Our certified and experienced personnel provide complete service, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, finished carpentry, and structural, for all types of modular facilities.

Renovations and Re-purposing

We understand that as your business changes, so too will your needs. Whether you need to turn a warehouse into an office space, an office space into a lunchroom, a lunchroom into a medical center, or any space into something different, we have the experience to re-purpose any and all units. We have the creativity to provide solutions for anything that our clients can imagine, creating an endless number of combinations.

From interior to exterior finishes, we can perform a variety of remediation and renovation services, Creating Essential Spaces for our clients.

Mold remediation

Mold remediation is the process of eliminating all mold-contaminated materials from an environment and disposing of them properly. At Club Industrial Trailers, we can identify the moisture source and complete the repair to ensure the mold does not return. Continual visual inspection and annual air testing provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that they have safe and healthy facilities for all occupants.

Club Industrial Trailers


  • Contractor Qualification Network
  • Complyworks
  • ISNETWorld Member
  • PICS
  • Manufacturers Association for Relocatable Structures
  • Phil Ackland PAC Certified
  • Phil Ackland PA Qualified Company