Warranty Program

The Club Industrial Trailers warranty program has been developed in alignment with our overall Quality Management System. This program defines Club Industrial Trailer’s basic responsibilities to ensure that all work completed is of satisfactory quality and free from defect upon delivery to our customers. The warranty program covers only material supplied by Club or installation methods approved by manufacturer and Club.

Claims initiated under the warranty program must be submitted to Club Industrial Trailers within (10) business days of the first discovery of any defect in order to be considered for repair or replacement as deemed appropriate by a Club Industrial Trailers representative.


All work performed by Club Industrial Trailers personnel will be warrantied for a period of (90) days from the date of significant completion (identified by the date a project is turned over to the customer).

Club Industrial Trailers will ensure that any work performed is done so in an acceptable manner and that all Club Industrial Trailers personnel are appropriately trained, equipped and experienced for the work they are assigned. All work completed by Club Industrial Trailers personnel will be done so in a manner in accordance with the agreed scope of work details, all applicable laws, codes, regulations and other contract requirements.

Materials and Equipment

All materials and equipment installed by Club Industrial Trailers personnel will be warrantied by Club Industrial Trailers for a period of (12) months from the date of significant completion. Where an OEM warranty period of more than (12) months exists for any materials and/or equipment supplied, Club Industrial Trailers will assist the customer as defined by the terms stated below under “Vendor and Manufacturer Warranties”

Club Industrial Trailers will ensure that all materials and equipment provided are of superior quality and free from defect at the time of installation. Where the scope of work requires the replacement of existing material or equipment, Club Industrial Trailers shall ensure all replacements are of similar quality unless otherwise directed by the customer.

Vendor and Manufacturer Warranties

Club Industrial Trailers bears no responsibility for the provision of vendor or manufacturer warranties outside of the warranty period defined above.

Material and/or equipment provided as part of the defined work scope may be covered by specific warranties provided by the vendor or manufacturer. These warranties are separate to the warranty provided by Club Industrial Trailers and do not extend, modify or replace the terms stated above in any way. Where the vendor or manufacturer warranty falls within Club Industrial Trailer’s defined warranty period, Club Industrial Trailers will assist the customer with repair or replacement as required (subject to the limitations stated below). Where the length of the vendor or manufacturer warranty exceeds the length of the Club Industrial Trailers warranty, the Customer will be responsible for all costs (labour, materials, accommodations, etc.) associated with the replacement or repair of the product per the recommendations of the vendor or manufacturer.


Club Industrial Trailer’s warranties exclude remedy for damage or defect caused by abuse, modifications not executed by Club Industrial Trailers personnel, improper or insufficient maintenance, improper operation, or normal wear and tear under normal usage. In addition, the above warranties are to be applied in accordance with the following limitations:

  • Club Industrial Trailers is to be immediately notified (in writing) within 10 business days of the first discovery of defect
  • No repairs have been made or attempted by others except where warranted by an emergency situation as determined by a Club Industrial Trailers representative
  • Club Industrial Trailers shall be given the first opportunity to make any repairs or replacements except where required by an emergency situation
  • Materials supplied by the customer are not covered under this warranty
  • Warranty repair or replacement of materials and equipment includes the provision of the required labour at a regular daytime rate. The customer will be invoiced for the cost of any additional expenses including, but not limited to:
    • Consumables
    • Overtime and/or stat holiday rate differences
    • Night shift differentials
    • Travel and associated equipment/mileage charges
    • Any required meals and/or lodging

Club Industrial Trailers


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